Thursday, August 19, 2010

Visiting hours suspended today because of Morong 43 noise barrage

The noise barrage was staged by the women detainees around noon today to express their rage over the court’s denial of the motion to release on recognizance for humanitarian reasons for Carina “Judilyn” Oliveros and her baby.

Oliveros was brought back to Camp Bagong Diwa (CBD) yesterday around noon. Her 3-week old infant is staying with her inside a very cramped and damp cell. The cell, meant to house 9 inmates, was used to detain the 23 female health workers among the Morong 43.

“We are outraged of the prison official’s drastic and inhumane response to the female detainees’ peaceful expression of discontent. They did not violate any prison policy and thus do not deserve such maltreatment,” Carlos Montemayor, RN, spokesperson of the alliance said.

Montemayor expressed that in essence, CBD officials are punishing the Morong 43 detainees to suppress their rights to freedom of expression. “The prison official’s Pavlovian conditioning is used to further curtail the detainees’ political and civil rights,” Montemayor added.

The alliance asserts that the motion for release on recognizance must be reconsidered by the court based on humanitarian grounds. Meanwhile, the group calls for a safe and separate facility in CBD to allow Oliveros to breastfeed and take care of her infant.##

Carlos Montemayor, RN
Cellphone # : 0922 499 6237

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