Friday, June 28, 2013

Morong 43 to Quezon City court: Resist the delaying tactics of GMA camp, practice impartiality

GMA and her camp are once again derailing the wheels of justice and the presiding judge on the Morong 43 civil case is aiding them.

The Morong 43 health workers and their relatives decried GMA’s camp dilatory tactics and the submission to them by the sala of Judge Afable Cajigal in today’s filing of an Ominibus Motion for pre-trial and inhibition. “By not calling for the pre-trial conference, the judge, in effect, becomes an accomplice to the injustice staged by these human rights violators against the Morong 43, “ said Dr. Alex Montes, spokesperson of the Justice for the Morong 43! Justice for All Victims of Human Rights Violations! alliance.

The health workers also called for the judge to inhibit himself from hearing the case.

Dr. Montes added that they have lost confidence on Judge Cajigal’s capacity to render a just decision because he failed to prove his impartiality to the case by granting the Motion to Suspend Proceedings filed by GMA and other respondents on January 30, 2013. Four (4) months have passed and the judge has not lifted a finger to revisit the case and call for a single hearing, the doctor lamented.

In their motion, the Morong 43’s legal counsels said that the court can, “take judicial notice of the fact that no temporary restraining order or writ of preliminary injunction is issued by the Court of Appeals to restrain or enjoin this Honorable Court from hearing this case.” Therefore, Judge Cajigal should have proceeded with the case, Dr. Montes said.

Dr. Montes furthered that their group’s resolve to bring justice to their case and others similar to theirs will not be weakened by any tactics employed by GMA and a biased judge.##

Dr. Alex S. Montes
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