Friday, August 27, 2010

Alliance to jail officials: Implement court order now, transfer Morong 43 mom and baby to PGH

Free the 43 Health Workers! Alliance today expressed disappointment over the delayed transfer of Carina “Judilyn” Oliveros and her baby to the Philippine General Hospital despite very clear court orders issued by Judge Gina Cenit-Escoto on August 25 granting Oliveros’ plea to continue breastfeeding her newborn outside the prison complex.

“Despite the August 25 court order and the jail warden’s personal knowledge of the decision, jail officials are delaying the transfer of Judilyn and her son citing reasons that are plainly unacceptable,” Carlos Montemayor, spokesperson of the alliance said.

Every hour that the mother and baby spend inside the jail is a risk to the latter’s health and welfare. The baby’s stay with his mother inside detention is also tantamount to his unjust incarceration, Montemayor added.

“Jail officials should transfer Judilyn and her baby now lest they be cited with contempt by the Morong 43’s legal counsels,” said Montemayor.

The group finally said that these inactions of the BJMP are part of the ensuing human rights violations under the present government against the Morong 43. They call that the 43 health workers and all political prisoners be released.##

Carlos Montemayor, RN
Mobile Number: 0922 499 6237

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