Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Relatives appeal to PNoy to free the Morong 43

United in their pursuit for freedom and justice for the illegally detained health workers, relatives and supporters trooped to Malacañang to appeal to President Benigno Aquino III. They hoped to seek an audience with the President to explain the nobility of the health workers’ cause and the how their human rights were violated beginning with their illegal arrest and continued detention.

“Eight months of detention is eight months of entwined grief and rage for us. Up to now, we are bewildered at how a government chose to repay the sacrifices and services our loved ones gave to this country,” said Mrs. Evelyn Montes, a nurse by profession and wife of Dr. Alexis Montes, one of the Morong 43.

She lamented that the health workers, which included 2 doctors, a nurse, and 2 midwives shunned greener opportunities offered by their professions and instead chose to practice in communities where government services are noticeably lacking adding these health professionals and Community Health Workers were armed not with rifles and ammunitions but with stethoscope s, first-aid kits, and a burning desire to serve the poor.

“What my husband lacked as a provider, he compensated by showing the values of humility, service, and love for God and people to our children. He taught by example,” Montes recalled.

Earlier, Montes and other relatives of the Morong 43 went to the President’s home in Times Street, Quezon City to personally deliver her youngest son Christian Alexis Montes’ letter of appeal for the release of the health workers. They also made repeated attempts to schedule an appointment with the President since June but were told by Malacañang staff to wait or that their concern would be referred to corresponding government agencies.
“The 43 health workers stood up for what they believed was right: in order to effect change, we must ourselves be willing to be catalysts of change. Now, it is our turn to take on their cause. We will bring their story and demand for justice and freedom to President Aquino and all government officials who are willing to act on their case,” she concluded.##

Carlos Montemayor, R.N.

0922 499 6237 / (+632) 929 8109

Evelyn Montes, R.N.
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