Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eight months and one hundred days

Health groups today trooped to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to cry justice and freedom for their illegally detained colleagues and relatives. They pressed DOJ and MalacaƱang to hold true to their promise of immediate review of the case of the Morong 43.

“Eight months ago today, 43 health workers were illegally arrested and detained on trumped-up charges they continuously pay for with their liberty and human rights. They do not deserve another day in jail,” Carlos Montemayor, spokesperson of the Free the 43 Health Workers! Alliance said.

Montemayor expressed that the Aquino government’s performance will ultimately be measured with what it has done to curb cases of human rights violations. “Two days to go until President Aquino’s 100th day in power and still justice for the 43 remains to be had,” he added.

The group strongly urged President Aquino to “hasten the review of the case and take a definite stand for human rights and people’s health.”

“If indeed the president is to prove the people that his administration is the bastion of democracy and change, now is the time to prove it,” Montemayor said adding the government should free the 43 health workers now because they are innocent of the charges hurled against them.

Carlos Montemayor, RN

0922 499 6237 / (+632) 929 8109

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Justice for the 43!