Friday, October 1, 2010

“The AFP can manufacture evidence but they cannot hide the truth”- Morong 43 supporters

“The AFP can manufacture evidence but they cannot hide the truth” according to Carlos Montemayor, spokesperson of the FREE THE 43 HEALTH WORKERS! ALLIANCE.

The group was reacting to the renewed statement of the military thru its spokesman, Brigadier General Jose Mabanta Jr. who recently said that the AFP is willing to cooperate in any re-investigation of the Department of Justice and present evidences if necessary, concerning the Morong 43 health workers.

The group also noted that it was the military who tried to stonewall the investigations of the human rights violations and the illegality of the arrest of the 43 health workers.

According to Montemayor, “in the first place, the search was illegal. Contrary to the statement of Gen. Mabanta, the search warrant was, on its face, invalid as it was addressed to a certain Mario Condes who was never found and it did not specify the particular place to be searched. During the arrest, firearms and bomb-making paraphernalia were planted to incriminate the health workers. Also, the Morong 43 were held incommunicado, they were denied the right to counsel and they were repeatedly tortured physically and psychologically during their detention in Camp Capinpin.”

The alliance insists that all these violations are usually done by the AFP to extract information and obtain testimonies under duress. “The arrest and detention were illegal; all subsequent evidences and testimonies the AFP will produce will certainly be illegal as well,” Montemayor said.

“The AFP’s willingness to ‘cooperate’ is just another scheme to cover up and justify all the illegalities that they committed against the Morong 43 ,” said Montemayor.

Carlos Montemayor,RN,
Mobile : 0922 499 6237
Telephone: 929 8109, 725 4760

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