Friday, October 29, 2010

Army Engaging in Double Talk on Morong 43

Responding to the statement of the Army perversely insisting that the Morong 43 are armed rebels, supporters of the Morong 43 hit the military for its outright lies behind the arrest of the health workers.

The group also scored the AFP for engaging in double talk. The Army can only continue to harp lies to make its bungled and illegal arrest of the 43 plausible.

Dr. Caguiat, said that it is hypocritical of the Army to speak of “professionalism” in saying that they will not object to any decision P-noy may arrive at on the case of Morong 43 while at the same time they still obstinately insist that the 43 illegally detained health workers are NPAs caught in a bomb training activity.

"It seems that the military has started to believe its own lies when the Commission on Human Rights and the Department of Justice already pointed out the illegalities of the case."Caguiat said.

“It is simply not true that search and subsequent arrest of the 43 health workers was covered by a “proper warrant” as Army spokesperson Col. Antonio Parlade is saying.”, according to Dr. Julie Caguiat, spokesperson of the group “The search warrant was patently defective. Even the President acknowledges this saying that any evidence is considered fruit of the poisonous tree.”

On Col. Parlade’s statement that some members of the army will not be pleased if the Morong 43 were to be released, Caguiat said that the President should not be threatened by this and should be only beholden to the truth.

“Decision on the Morong 43 is not about the morale of soldiers. Nothing is honorable and can build the morale of soldiers if it is based on atrocious acts and affronts against the innocent citizens. Decision on the Morong 43 should be considered solely on the primacy of justice and the abiding principles of the rule of law and the protection of human rights.”

The group also hits the Army’s malicious and rash statement that the Morong 43 should be tried in court to prove they are rebels before they should be given “amnesty”. It is again a desperate attempt to lead in to their manufactured lies and false testimonies.

Dr. Caguiat reiterated that health workers are not after amnesty but for their unconditional release because they have been wronged and they should not be released based on legal prescription implying guilt upon them.

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