Friday, December 17, 2010

Relatives and supporters vow to keep vigil until judge issues decision on Morong 43

Their relatives as well as thousands of people from the world over await in anticipation the 43 health workers as they are expected to be released from Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City today.

Seven days after Philippine President Benigno Aquino III first publicly declared the withdrawal of all cases against the health workers, relatives are still uncertain whether or not the detained health workers shall finally “be reunited with their families” and “the people they so lovingly serve” after spending more than ten months behind bars, registered nurse and Free the 43 Health Workers! Alliance spokesperson Carlos Montemayor said.

Dr. Alex Montes’ wife, Evelyn, said she could not wait to “make up for lost time” and do “some family bonding activities” but worried about groups who are “doing everything they can to block the Department of Justice’s motion to withdraw the cases and facilitate the release of the health workers.”

Other detainees’ wives, husbands, children, and relatives shared the same plight. They said the military and groups such as Rep. Louis V. Alcover’s ANAD Party list are consciously “doing rounds” to intimidate or attempt to influence legislators and independent personalities to withdraw their support to the Morong 43 campaign.

Alcover submitted an opposition to withdraw the cases filed against the Morong 43 Wednesday this week but Judge Gina Cenit-Escoto, presiding judge of the Morong Regional Trial Court Branch 78 dismissed his motion saying there is no basis since he is not a party to the case.

The judge declared she will not entertain any more opposition and will be arriving with a decision until today.

Montemayor said that while it is very obvious that the military is the perfect example of not doing what it preaches, such as claiming it respects the commander-in-chief’s order to withdraw all cases but doing everything it can to covertly and overtly block the release of the health workers, their group is reassured of the massive support that local and international groups express adding that “fear and anxiety is replaced by fervor and conviction to pursue what is just for the 43 and the rest of political prisoners nationwide.”

“We are confident that Judge Gina Cenit-Escoto will not allow herself to be influenced by anybody, regardless of their power and position, in immediately executing the orders of the President,” he added.
Carlos Montemayor, R.N.

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