Saturday, December 4, 2010

Medical team was not allowed to conduct a medical check -up female Morong 43 detainees

On the first day of the Morong 43’s hunger strike, a volunteer medical team was denied to conduct medical check-up on female Morong detainees.

Warden Mary Jane Clemente who is in-charge of the female detention center inside the Camp Bagong Diwa did not allow the volunteer medical team to check on the female Morong 43 detainees.

According to the medical team led by Dr. Geneve Rivera from the FREE 43 HEALTH WORKERS ALLIANCE , “after much waiting, the warden gave no assurance as to when the necessary preliminary medical examination will be done if it was to be done at all. “ This was despite the effort of the female detainees to inform the warden that they want to be examined by doctors and medics of their choice.

“The Free the 43 Health Workers Alliance many of whom are doctors and medical professionals is willing to provide necessary medical assistance to the Morong 43 in this hunger strike, and the Morong 43 have accepted and designated our volunteers to do this very important task. “ said Rivera.

Rivera told BJMP officials that the Morong 43’s decision to stage a hunger strike is right that should be respected. They should be prepared for medical services to be warranted in any case of emergency. They should also respect that the detainees want doctors of their choice to monitor their medical status during the strike.

The volunteer medical team arrived at noon and went to check on the male detainees first. The result of their medical examination on the male detainees resulted in three having high blood pressure and one being underweight.

They also went to check on the jail’s preparations for the hunger strike. The infirmary has beds with new sheets but there was lack of some medical equipment and supplies and some equipment need repair. The detention’s medical personnel in charge of the infirmary also expressed that they will appreciate help from the volunteer medical team in any medical emergency that will result from the hunger strike.###
Dr. Geneve Rivera

Mobile: 0920 460 3712 / 545 0746
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