Saturday, April 24, 2010

First, it was the Court of Appeals. Then, it was the Commission on Human Rights. Now, it is the Regional Trial Court of Morong, Rizal.

“The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police continue to defy the laws of the land, this time by refusing to carry out a direct order from Morong RTC,” said Dr. Geneve Rivera, secretary general of Health Alliance for Democracy.

The order is for the transfer of custody of the detained health workers held in Camp Capinpin, known as the Morong 43, to the PNP in Camp Crame. Yet instead of taking custody of the 43, the PNP has filed another motion to refuse.

“If the two biggest groups of state security forces cannot even effectively carry out a simple transfer of custody, they are either shamelessly incompetent or arrogantly making a mockery of the judicial process.”

“Either way, the AFP and PNP should both be held in contempt of court by the Morong RTC,” added Dr. Rivera.

The Commission on Human Rights has earlier threatened to hold the military officers in contempt of court for refusing to attend its hearings investigating human rights violations and abuses.

In the meantime, the health group vowed to continue supporting the 43 health workers in their struggle for freedom. They and their families are now on their eighth day of fasting as a form of protest to demand their immediate transfer.

“The actions of the AFP and PNP reveal how easily these two can undermine civilian authority. The AFP and PNP is proving to all Filipinos that legal processes are merely tools by the government to exonerate its allies and punish its enemies and detractors,” concluded Dr. Rivera. ###


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