Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dr. Carolyn V. Enriquez, Letter of Support

I am writing in support of Dra Merry Mia who has been illegally arrested and detained together with the other Morong 43 health workers. Have known Merry since medschool and she has been an active student leaderin our organization and has been an advocate of community based projects even before. Spearheading countless medmissions for our less fortunate countrymen even as a medstudent. I admire her selflessness and dedication for she opted to pursue a career as NGO volunteer instead of going into residency training or moon lighting for a more lucrative career path.

Being progressive in your speech or proactive in community works doesn't make you an NPA. Its unfair that she has been detained illegally and being branded as leftist. We live in the post martial law era where freedom of expression and beliefs is encouraged and respected. Everyone is entitled to his/her own political beliefs.

Illegally detaining these innocent health workers will act as catalyst that will deter other doctors and health workers from going into the rurals to engage in community work.

We call for the immediate release of the Morong 43. Pls send in testimonial of support for our colleague and alumnus Dra Merry MIa thru Lets pray that justice be rendered to the victims of this tragic incident.

Carolyn V. Enriquez, MD, DPPS

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Justice for the 43!