Friday, August 23, 2013

Maj. Gen. Irriberi is a tireless parrot recycling old lies

Maj. Gen. Hernando Irriberi should speak against the massive corruption hounding the pork barrel instead of recycling old lies and selling fruits of a poisonous tree.

This is the reaction of Dr. Alex Montes, spokesperson of the Justice for the Morong 43! Justice for All Victims of Human Rights! Alliance. Dr. Montes, a medical doctor serving communities since he graduated from medical school, echoed that their group is outraged by Maj. Gen. Irriberi’s statement linking a slain New People’s Army combatant to the identities of the Morong 43. He was identified by the 7th Infantry Division based in Bulacan named as Ramon dela Cruz.

The Morong 43 are not members of the New People’s Army. We are health professionals and Community Health Workers serving tirelessly in the farthest recesses of the nation that are neglected by our government,” he said.

Clearly, the military is resurrecting old lies to use as credit for their promotion and discredit the human rights cases filed against them by the Morong 43.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is also very much guilty in the massive corruption associated with the pork, the Morong 43 Alliance said.

This malicious report will not dampen our spirits in fighting for justice that is due. We will fight until the very end until the last of the human rights violators in our case is put to jail,” Montes said.

The group challenged Irriberi to “make their salaries from tax payers’ money worthwhile by purging corrupt officials within their ranks and stop peddling lies to the public.

The Morong 43 was released after ten months of torture and illegal detention in 2010 after the government was pressured by national and international people’s organizations and eminent individuals. PNoy and the Department of Justice withdrew the charges based on the doctrine of the “fruit of the poisonous tree.” The doctrine meant that any charges filed against anybody will not hold water if the manner of arrest or gathering of evidence is illegal or did not follow the legal prescriptions.##

References: Dr. Alex S. Montes
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