Friday, May 4, 2012

On Denying Involvement in Morong 43 Involvement :“See you in Court!”, Morong 43 members tells GMA

“See you then in court!” is the quick reaction of Gary Liberal, spokesperson of the Morong 43 about the statement of Gloria Macapagal-Arrroyo, through her spokesperson, Elena Bautista-Horn that she had nothing to do with the Morong 43 case.

“GMA can deny her involvement all she wants of how we 43 health workers were illegally arrested, detained for one year, physically and mentally tortured during our incarceration. But the fact remains that GMA as Commander-in-Chief did not lift a finger to correct and act decisively on the wrongdoings, on the serious human rights violations committed against us by the military and police officers under her command,” furthered Liberal.

Up until GMA’s end of term in June 2010, Liberal shared that the their families and friends, the Morong 43 and other local and international networks have sought dialogues, made representations, written appeals and petitions to GMA to act on their illegal arrest and detention as well as to press for their immediate release. But all these efforts, Liberal said, “fell on deaf ears”.

“As Commander-in-Chief, GMA possessed control over the military. She cannot get away with the inhumane acts that her administration committed and tolerated. She must assume responsibility and made to account for the eleven months we Morong 43 were made to suffer and for all the other gross human rights violations committed under her leadership,” concluded Liberal.

Mr. Gary Liberal
Spokesperson, Group of Morong 43 Complainants
Mobile number: 0922-5751689

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