Monday, September 20, 2010

Solidarity Statement of BAYAN-USA to the Morong 43 and All Political Prisoners

"Beyond razor-wired walls
the moon shimmers in the late summer sky
spills over in pale brightness
to draw me into its fullness
washing my eyes in quicksilver"

from Moon Bereft
By Marilyn Buck,
American political prisoner, Dec. 1947-Aug. 3, 2010

To the Morong 43:

Like the light of the moon and the warmth of the sun, your spirit radiates beyond the walls of the prison intended to smother your hope.

Even as far away as we are, in the belly of the beast that is the United States, we are inspired by your resolve to continue fighting for freedom even as the Aquino administration has persisted in denying you justice.

BAYAN-USA joins in this Day of Action and Sympathy Fast in solidarity with you, the newborn son of Judilyn, and the more than 300 political prisoners who have been detained because they chose to serve the Filipino people and fight against the corrupt and fascist Arroyo regime.

In solidarity with all people who believe in justice, we demand that President Aquino release the Morong 43 and all of the political prisoners in the Philippines.

U.S. Participants in the Day of Action and Sympathy Fast for the Morong 43
(partial list)

Rev. Larry Emery, Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church
Pastor David Farley – United Methodist Church
Melissa Roxas, BAYAN USA,Habi Arts
Bernadette Ellorin - BAYAN USA Chairperson
Kuusela Hilo - BAYAN USA, Vice Chairperson
Rhonda Ramiro - BAYAN USA Secretary General
Kiwi Illafonte, BAYAN USA Deputy Secretary General
Terrie Cervas, GABRIELA USA - Vice Chairperson
Bev Tang, Sisters of Gabriela Awaken!
Jijo Puthiakunnel

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