Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dr. Merry Mia -Clamor

Dr. Merry in some of the medical missions she took part with.

As the national secretariat of the Community-Based Health Programs in the Philippines, it is one of the tasks of the Council for Health and Development to conduct free community clinics all over the country in partnership with its member programs.

Doc Merry is the Director of the Health Education, Training and Services Department of CHD.

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  1. Dr. Merry Mia is our sister from an organization in PLM College of Medicine. She continuously inspires and encourages us (future doctors) to serve the community and the less fortunate despite her being jailed. I would attest that she is one of the few doctors who puts her heart and sincerity in service. I hope that you will be free anytime soon because many people outside needs you more. God bless you doc.


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